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It Sticks With You

It Sticks With You…

It sticks with you…and you wish to help others feel the same.

One day as I was talking about the experience of a spiritual moment, a God Wink or a God-incidence as some would call it… a person said, “It sticks with you.” Such a simple statement to describe the real essence of how these spiritual experiences affect the individual.

How would you share your spiritual experience with others?  Or is the experience so personal that you really just want to hold it close to your heart and love it in the silence?  These experiences seem to be a combination of fact and feeling.  Sometimes it is easy to state the facts of the experience, but it is the intertwining feeling that holds the key to the special feeling that makes the experience ‘stick with you’ through thick and thin… These feelings are more difficult to put into words.

Do you wish you could share with others so that they don’t miss the opportunity to notice God in their lives… that they don’t miss the opportunity to be aware that the Holy Spirit is there to help them along life’s way?  Do you wish you had a way to help young people, your children, to notice their surroundings and feel the presence of God in their daily lives?

If you do, please take a look at …my newest piece of children’s literature:  Angels Amongst Us.  Once again, Amy Duarte is the illustrator.  You can find this book on Amazon or on this website:


As 2018 comes to a close and the new year commences, we think of the past… we think of the future…  and we are reminded that our most important moment is our present moment… this day… this hour… this moment… Listen to these words about being in the ‘flow’…

Choosing to go with the flow is often a matter of letting go of the notion that we need to be in control at all times. The flow is always taking you where you need to go. It’s just a matter of deciding whether you plan on taking the ride or having it take you there with you dragging your feet.

Learning to step into the flow can help you feel a connection to a force that is greater than you and is always there to support you.  The decision to go with the flow can take courage because you are surrendering the notion that you need to do everything by yourself. Riding the flow of the universe can be effortless, exhilarating, and not like anything you ever expected. When you are open to being in this flow, you open yourself to possibilities that exist beyond the grasp of your control.

As a child, you were naturally swept by the flow. Tears of sadness falling down your face could just as quickly turn to tears of laughter. Just the tiniest wave carrying you forward could carry you into waves of delight. Our souls feel good when we go with the flow of the universe. All we have to do is make the choice to ride its currents.


Oneness is the interconnectedness of all Life of everything that exists. It is our unity with the Divine and each other. We are an inseparable part of the Divine, God, Source, All that Is…

When we ask the question “What is Oneness?” The essence of Oneness surrounds us. Like a fish asking “What is water?” we are immersed in Oneness in every moment. Science tells us that everything is energy and that we are all connected. Ancient spiritual teachings and modern day quantum physics are very much in alignment.

At the core of all the main religions is the Golden Rule, which is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Golden Rule is the essence of Oneness. What you do to another person you are doing to another aspect of yourself. And when you can look into another’s eyes and see the Divine, which is within everyone, you will understand the Universal Truth of Oneness.

Oneness is a timeless Truth. Mystics and philosophers have proclaimed it for thousands of years. For over a century, science has proven the connection between consciousness and matter, our genetic connection with all life, and our biological and psychological interdependence.

We are all One! At this time, an unprecedented number of human beings are awakening to Oneness. For our evolution as a species and all life on Earth, the timing could not be more perfect. Humanity’s awakening to our inherent Oneness which addresses the illusion of separation. In Oneness we can find the solutions needed to avoid global calamity and create a world of health, well-being and flourishing for all.

Our Love and Our Peaceful Places

I have always been a star gazer… a cloud watcher… a dreamer… Many years ago I began taking photographs when I was on a walk or had some occasion to be out in nature. I would carry a camera with me and often took pictures of trees and clouds and beautiful scenery. Sometimes I was spending time in prayer and reflection, and other times I was just pointing the camera and snapping pictures… On these occasions I often had to wait until I got the pictures developed (for some of you that will be a foreign concept😊). It was not until the photograph was developed that I would find amazing visuals within the pictures.

I have always enjoyed finding pictures in the clouds. I have seen everything from elephants to angels and I am always grateful for the experience. One day I was with my six year old granddaughter and the sky was especially blue and the clouds were a beautiful puffy white as they floated by their expansive deck overlooking miles of countryside. I pointed out a couple of clouds and we talked about the shapes and had some fun looking for animals and other items. As we stood there, she said in a contemplative tone, “It’s so inspiring.” I felt a warmth and expansion in my heart that I can’t really explain. I felt such love and reverence…

Another time, she came to me with a heart rock that she had found. I was amazed… I had shown her my collection of heart rocks and she was now noticing the shapes in nature. These were galvanizing moments for me. Yes… children can see and feel the miracles of nature when their attention is steered in that direction.

It is my hope that children will begin to notice their environment from a little different perspective and that they can continue to look at the world with wide-eyed wonder and enthusiasm. As a society, we have many things in common and we have challenges and varied experiences, but it is my hope that we can focus on our commonalities, our universal hopes and dreams, our love and our peaceful places.

Dr. Miller explains this in her book, The Spiritual Child

Bring the living world to your child by delighting in the relationships of nature. Live with animals, whether as indoor pets or familiar outdoor ”neighbors” you come to know. Talk with animals. Actively engage in the sanctification of nature by openly celebrating it and its contribution to your family and the world we live in. Listening to trees, thinking that the wind has something to show you, knowing that the weather is not separate from who we are: part of the universal oneness is having respectful and loving relationships with nature and animals. Children can learn that all living things are our teachers; we can learn from their wisdom, judgment and sensibilities. Lisa Miller, PhD. (341)

As Joan Chittister, OSB, reminds us…

A true spirituality of creation, one that does not see creation as a single finished point in time, gives us the right to grow. It implies not only a God who made us, but a God who is with us, in us, and in everything around us. Whoever we are, whatever we are, this God knows us, understands us, walks with us to the melting point where what we are and what God is become one. — Joan Chittister, OSB, (196)

I would love to hear about your experiences with my book series and the conversations that were inspired by sharing and reading together.

Give your children long peaceful moments to know firsthand a relationship with nature. Lisa Miller, PhD. (341)

May each of us find time to ponder our surroundings and our natural environment… to feel the breath of Love in our lives and to allow peace to enfold us.

Chittister, J. D. (2004). Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir. Sheed and Ward Publications, NY.

Miller, L. (2015) The Spiritual Child: The New Science of Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving.
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Over the last couple of years, I have been called to write. The words came to me in a variety of ways and moments as the concept of interconnectedness tumbled onto the page and brought the feeling of spiritual love and support to the youngest of readers through these selections. I have enjoyed expressing these concepts through poetry in children’s literature. In reading them to our younger family members, it became evident that their perspective was changing and that they were looking at the world differently.

It was through these inspiring interactions that the books came to life and it was through these communications that I felt God’s hand pulling me forward and I felt my heart leaping into the stories and loving every minute. I am so hopeful that parents and grandparents will enjoy reading the poems to their children and that they will take the opportunity to have conversations around the topics. Parents are the first responders when children become curious about the world or about spirituality and grandparents can also be a part of this response.

Dr. Lisa Miller has written that…

“Very often a grandparent becomes this special spiritual partner even when the parents are healthy and functional and spiritually supportive. In our busy lives, so often it is a grandparent who sits and listens to a child’s questions, welcomes a child’s feelings, and has the long deep talks at the kitchen table…… spiritual parenting is an unparalleled source of resilience for children.” -Lisa Miller, Ph.D. (80)

The Holy Spirit is all around us and as we take a moment to reflect and experience the Presence, we will be enriched and we will find a closer bond with our children as we share and guide and listen to their observations and their inquiries.

We are challenged to see the interconnectedness of all things … to be a part of a larger thought that allows us to be a part of each other… to be one… One in the Spirit, as the song says…. When we consciously acknowledge our oneness with the Divine we open doors to the interconnectedness as we strive to see Life from a new perspective. This Holy Spirit, this Divine Presence is the source of all Light and Life within and brings the reality of the Divine essence to our everyday experiences.

It is this interconnectedness with each other that we seek to acknowledge. My hope is that we can give young children an opportunity to begin to understand that Love is everywhere. We are one. We all share in the experience we call living and we are all interconnected by an unseen, but very real Divinity.

Consequently, these pieces of literature are available to anyone who wishes to inspire a conversation about our interconnectedness. You may be a parent or a grandparent, a caregiver or a camp counselor.

You… are the one we’ve been waiting for…

The Strawberry and the Soul

“There once was a Zen monk being pursued by a ferocious tiger. He raced to the edge of the cliff, looked back and saw the tiger about to spring. He saw a rope hanging over the edge of the cliff. He grabbed it and began to shimmy down out of the clutches of the tiger. Whew! He checked below and saw a quarry of huge, jagged rocks. He looked above and the tiger was poised atop with bared claws. Just then, two mice began to nibble at the rope. What to do? He saw a strawberry within arms reach growing out of the face of the cliff. He plucked it, ate it, and said, “Yum – yum, that’s the best strawberry I’ve tasted in my whole life!” If he had been preoccupied with the rocks below, the future, or with the tiger above, the past, he could have missed the strawberry God was giving him in the present moment.”


I like to walk in the morning before the day gets away from me… I may not be running from a tiger or facing a cliff at the end of a trail, but I am often running from my thoughts and standing on the precipice of forgiveness…

…and so I walk in the morning before the day is taken over by the hustle and bustle of daily activities… as I work to keep the list of the day’s projects from flooding my mind… I want to take in my surroundings and listen to my environment as I enjoy a few moments of solitude and communing with nature. I want to be present in the moment.

Some days I enjoy the solitude of walking in the rain… all of the senses are cleansed as the air fills with the fragrance of nature’s bath. Some days the warmth of the sun beckons me forward. Whether walking in a steady rain or absorbing the warmth of the shining sun, the feeling is somewhat the same… the sheer joy of just being in nature and just allowing the present moment to envelope the soul and feeling the touch of Spirit in all experiences. Recently, as I walked my usual route, I was struck by the beauty of the day… the trees looked extra green against the deep blue sky that held no clouds that day. There were busy squirrels high atop the evergreens gnawing at the pine cones and dropping them to the ground where they scurried to carry them to a winter storage spot. And… the birds… the clarity of the individual songs of the birds called me to attention as they harmonized in symphonic sound and the breeze lifted their voices above the trees. At these moments it is easy to feel surrounded by God’s loving countenance…

Often, this loving countenance floods into my heart and strings of words flow in a rhythmic beat of poetry and song. Poetry seems to bring a meaning and emotion to the thoughts that tumble through my mind. I feel the interconnectedness with God that compels me to share these poetic pieces through children’s literature. Consequently, in communicating these concepts to children, I have found that poetry is very effective.

Poetry is a wonderful comfort as the rhythm and rhyme helps develop a love of language and reading. It creates an emotional affect that stirs imagination and brings meaning and sound and rhythm to language and literature. The repetition of sounds or patterns can create a musical effect and the use of figurative language can create a visual effect which places the reader in their own story and allows them to be present in the moment…

…and so I keep walking and wondering and observing and listening… and poetic thoughts move before me as I commune with nature… finding comfort in the present moment… and that is good for the soul…