Explore my collection of children’s books designed to nurture awareness, resilience, and a heart-centered life. Each book fosters conversations on self-awareness, empathy, and connection with nature. Empower your child with tools for lifelong growth and compassion.

Where There Is Love… We Are One

Where There Is Love… We Are ONE focuses on love and peace and unity. In this world of challenges, division, and differences, there is one concept that unifies us: love. No matter what nationality or religious belief, parents love their children, children love their parents, people love each other, and love feels the same no matter where we live or what language we speak.

This book gives children a very clear look at the ways that we might be different …our clothes, our nationality, and the color of our skin. But no matter these differences, love is the unifying factor, and each of us is responsible to bring this love and to share this love in the world.

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Coming Down, Looking Up

Newborns and young children spend a great deal of time in a car seat looking up and out the back seat window. What thoughts might go through the mind of these very young children? This book gives a little peek into the thinking and visual perspective of these children as they ride along in their car seat. As they get a glimpse of sky and sun and clouds, could it be part of a grand design for these youngsters to be in touch with God and “feel the comfort of heaven and the love they’ve come to tell”?

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I Am with You All Ways

For years, Marian has been spending time in nature and taking photographs during many of these excursions. Sometimes she would be spending time in prayer and reflection, and other times she would just be pointing her camera and snapping pictures, only to find amazing visuals in the photographs when she would get them developed.

This book has been on her mind through years of experiencing nature and taking many photographs. It is written in a poetry format as a piece of children’s literature. The words allow a lilting pentameter which is enhanced by illustrations of real photographs. She wants to share her belief that God’s presence is all around us and to heighten awareness of our everyday surroundings and the possibility of experiencing nature in many different ways.

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See Only Love

Marian asks us to see the interconnectedness with Spirit within each and every individual. So often we view ourselves as well as others as separate and different. But no matter what their circumstances, each person has a connection with Spirit and with one another. God calls us to look for the love within each person and to recognize His love within each individual. She wants to share her belief that Spirit is everywhere in everyone. We are challenged to See Only Love.

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We are the trees

Marian has always loved trees. She has spent many hours painting trees on canvas and showing their intricate and delicate beauty against the sunset sky. This love has translated into a rich relationship with nature and feeling Spirit’s presence in these lush and living entities. She has many favorite trees and consistently photographs them in an attempt to capture their beauty and their Spirit. It is her goal to have young people of all ages look at trees differently—to see them as living and sensitive to their environment and to our interconnectedness and the interconnectedness of all things as a part of our spiritual journey.

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Messages in the Clouds

Do you ever spend time looking up at the sky, observing the flowing nature of shapes and pictures formed by the clouds? Some call this a bit of heaven’s sweet essence. This idea of pictures in the clouds may be new to you. Not everyone will see a picture and not everyone sees the same form.

Marian has been photographing clouds for many years. The shapes and natural forms have brought her increased insight and spiritual comfort. The intent of this book is to introduce the concept and widen the reader’s perspective as to the possibility of shapes in the clouds and their relative or implied meaning. This brings to light the interconnectedness of all things and evidence of Spirit in our natural world.

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Angels Amongst Us

The goal of this piece of literature is to give children the comfort of knowing God is with them. This can be conveyed through the idea of angels, and the comfort can come through in many ways. These unseen messengers frequently speak through other people or through the words of a song or in our thoughts. This book hopes to inspire conversations about listening and receiving and paying attention. Paying attention to something that is more of a thought than spoken words, something that is more like a whisper that is heard in the mind and felt in the heart.

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Your Heart Is Calling: Raise a Heart-Centered Child: Activities to Inspire Family Conversations About Our Interconnectedness

This series of children’s books and activities can be used at home, in a camp setting, in a group setting, or anywhere children explore their worlds. The intent is to have children interact with the natural world. The activities are presented to encourage them to observe nature and the people and circumstances around them. It is hoped that children will start to observe their surroundings, to experience the world from a little different perspective, and to gain insight into themselves.

Hopefully, all participants will interact with their natural world through participating in these activities. In this way, and through the conversations with the adults who are working with them, the participants will be introduced to the concept of seeing miracles everywhere in everything.

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Lifted: Into Christ’s Arms for Mission and Service

This is a story about going to the mission field and the situations and reactions that occurred over approximately 20 years of my experience in leading mission teams of youth and adults. As the story opens, I am reflecting on the things that brought me to the mission. I am in deep thought as my mind moves through the years of coming to the mission . . . the fears, the joys, the service, the love expressed and received.

The girls are in the cabin, getting ready for breakfast, and I am sitting on the porch, doing my devotions for the day and reflecting on the call to mission. After all of these years, it is so evident that the call to mission is answering God’s call through fear and trepidation and overzealous bouts of helper high.

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About My Work

I work with parents, grandparents, therapists, counselors, and teachers to activate a key capability in children that is a critical component of a heart centered life: Awareness. Awareness of self. Awareness of others. Awareness of nature and the world around them. Adults play an important part as they respond to the child’s questions and interests which enhances their relationship through conversation and communication. As they gain in this awareness and communication, children are better able to transform discouragement, lack of direction and lack of focus into a feeling of resilience. This manifests as more confidence, a sense of service through positive action and carrying a stronger internal compass so they can maintain their focus and stay securely on a path of awareness and heart centered action for the rest of their lives.


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