My versatile cards promote positivity and interconnectedness for children and adults alike. Beautifully illustrated, they encourage daily reflections and discussions, fostering deeper connections and shared experiences between generations.

Using the cards…

These cards are intended to be used by children of all ages and that includes adults.  The messages are all positive in nature and convey an uplifting thought process for approaching each day and seeing the interconnectedness of all life.

The graphics and messages are shared with the overall intent of looking for the positive in each moment of each day.  The cards are beautifully illustrated and further explanation is provided in a companion booklet.

It is suggested that you choose a card with your child, either by turning them over and selecting one without looking at the pictures or by looking at the pictures and choosing a card. Once you have a card, you can look at the guide book and read the explanation.

For example, you can do this at the beginning of the day while preparing for school.  Then, each of you goes through your day and looks for the item pictured on the card.  You might be looking for birds, numbers, or acts of kindness.  Then, when getting ready for bed that evening, you can share with your child and your child can share with you, about the item and where they saw it in their day and where you saw it in your day.

These conversations will provide an opportunity for you and your child or grandchild to share about experiences that you have had and to allow for a deeper sharing of thoughts and beliefs that might not normally come up.
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