I collaborate with caregivers and educators to cultivate children’s awareness—of self, others, and the world. Through nurturing communication, children develop resilience and confidence, fostering a lifelong journey of heart-centered action and fulfillment.

I work with parents, grandparents, therapists, counselors, and teachers to activate a key capability in children that is a critical component of a heart centered life:

  • Awareness.
  • Awareness of self.
  • Awareness of others.
  • Awareness of nature and the world around them.

Adults play an important part as they respond to the child’s questions and interests which enhances their relationship through conversation and communication.

As they gain in this awareness and communication, children are better able to transform discouragement, lack of direction and lack of focus into a feeling of resilience.

This manifests as more confidence, a sense of service through positive action and carrying a stronger internal compass so they can maintain their focus and stay securely on a path of awareness and heart centered action for the rest of their lives.

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