Dr. Taylor has garnered abundant praise and positive reviews for her work. Her expertise in nurturing children’s awareness and fostering resilience has resonated widely with parents, educators, and therapists alike.

Kirkus Reviews: An uplifting and beautifully illustrated celebration of cultural and religious similarities and differences.

A young child explores love and faith in this picture book.

A child says, “I come to earth to fill many hearts with love.” The kid shares experiences of comfort and joy, especially from mom and dad. The child explains that people of all cultures participate in positive activities: “Some friends wear different kinds of clothes than I wear, / But they still play and pray.” And despite religious and cultural differences, everyone expresses love, especially toward family members.

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Book Nook: Where There is Love…We Are One

In her latest children’s book, “Where There Is Love…We Are One,” author Marian S. Taylor has written a story that allows children to gain a greater understanding of diversity and acceptance.

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West County News-Journal

Rather than creating stories out of thin air, Dr. Marian S. Taylor lets her stories write themselves, which is how she wrote her newest children’s book, “Coming Down, Looking Up.”

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Midwest Book Review

Where There Is Love… We Are One” by Marian S. Taylor has as its focus, love and peace and unity. In this world of challenges, division, and differences, there is one concept that unifies us: love. No matter what nationality or religious belief, parents love their children, children love their parents, people love each other, and love feels the same no matter where we live or what language we speak. “Where There Is Love… We Are One” gives children a very clear look at the ways that we might be different from our clothes, our nationality, and the color of our skin. But no matter these differences, love is the unifying factor, and each of us is responsible to bring this love and to share this love in the world. Offering a gentle and universal message, “Where There Is Love… We Are One” is an extraordinary and unreservedly endorsed addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for children.


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