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January 23, 2021

It Sticks With You

It Sticks With You…

It sticks with you…and you wish to help others feel the same.

One day as I was talking about the experience of a spiritual moment, a God Wink or a God-incidence as some would call it… a person said, “It sticks with you.” Such a simple statement to describe the real essence of how these spiritual experiences affect the individual.

How would you share your spiritual experience with others?  Or is the experience so personal that you really just want to hold it close to your heart and love it in the silence?  These experiences seem to be a combination of fact and feeling.  Sometimes it is easy to state the facts of the experience, but it is the intertwining feeling that holds the key to the special feeling that makes the experience ‘stick with you’ through thick and thin… These feelings are more difficult to put into words.

Do you wish you could share with others so that they don’t miss the opportunity to notice God in their lives… that they don’t miss the opportunity to be aware that the Holy Spirit is there to help them along life’s way?  Do you wish you had a way to help young people, your children, to notice their surroundings and feel the presence of God in their daily lives?

If you do, please take a look at …my newest piece of children’s literature:  Angels Amongst Us.  Once again, Amy Duarte is the illustrator.  You can find this book on Amazon or on this website: