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December 3, 2018


Over the last couple of years, I have been called to write. The words came to me in a variety of ways and moments as the concept of interconnectedness tumbled onto the page and brought the feeling of spiritual love and support to the youngest of readers through these selections. I have enjoyed expressing these concepts through poetry in children’s literature. In reading them to our younger family members, it became evident that their perspective was changing and that they were looking at the world differently.

It was through these inspiring interactions that the books came to life and it was through these communications that I felt God’s hand pulling me forward and I felt my heart leaping into the stories and loving every minute. I am so hopeful that parents and grandparents will enjoy reading the poems to their children and that they will take the opportunity to have conversations around the topics. Parents are the first responders when children become curious about the world or about spirituality and grandparents can also be a part of this response.

Dr. Lisa Miller has written that…

“Very often a grandparent becomes this special spiritual partner even when the parents are healthy and functional and spiritually supportive. In our busy lives, so often it is a grandparent who sits and listens to a child’s questions, welcomes a child’s feelings, and has the long deep talks at the kitchen table…… spiritual parenting is an unparalleled source of resilience for children.” -Lisa Miller, Ph.D. (80)

The Holy Spirit is all around us and as we take a moment to reflect and experience the Presence, we will be enriched and we will find a closer bond with our children as we share and guide and listen to their observations and their inquiries.

We are challenged to see the interconnectedness of all things … to be a part of a larger thought that allows us to be a part of each other… to be one… One in the Spirit, as the song says…. When we consciously acknowledge our oneness with the Divine we open doors to the interconnectedness as we strive to see Life from a new perspective. This Holy Spirit, this Divine Presence is the source of all Light and Life within and brings the reality of the Divine essence to our everyday experiences.

It is this interconnectedness with each other that we seek to acknowledge. My hope is that we can give young children an opportunity to begin to understand that Love is everywhere. We are one. We all share in the experience we call living and we are all interconnected by an unseen, but very real Divinity.

Consequently, these pieces of literature are available to anyone who wishes to inspire a conversation about our interconnectedness. You may be a parent or a grandparent, a caregiver or a camp counselor.

You… are the one we’ve been waiting for…