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May 29, 2017

The Heart Cloud

I went to a school this week to read one of my books, I AM With You All Ways, to the children in the third grade. The principal was wonderful, the teachers were wonderful and the children were so attentive and responsive.
We talked about the writing process and how you get ideas and how to keep a journal and think about illustrations. I shared several photographs I had taken and how they became illustrations in my books.
It was a heartwarming experience as my granddaughter was my assistant and helped me show the pictures and paintings and several heart rocks that I brought along!
As I shared some pictures I had taken of clouds, the children were excited to tell about clouds they had seen that looked like horses and super heroes and a penguin in a motor boat! As they looked at my pictures of clouds (Messages in the Clouds)… There was an elephant~ or was it an ostrich? There was an angel ~ or was it an airplane? There was a phoenix ~ or was it a peacock? And there was a heart cloud ~ I asked what message a heart would tell us ~ expecting them to say ‘love’…
A little girl with beautiful purple glasses raised her hand right in front of me… she said, “Well, when I saw a heart cloud, my Grammy had just died and I thought she was telling me she loved me.”
There it was! My whole point… sitting there in this little girl!
Messages from Spirit come to us in many ways and in many forms … we just pray to be attuned to our environment and to be aware enough to see and listen for Spirit’s voice…
God bless the children! …for their openness and their acceptance…