FREE Gift: The Heart-Centered Child Video & Companion Guide

Receive a heartfelt gift bundle, tailored to aid you in nurturing your child’s understanding of diversity. Delve into conversations about differences with ease using the included story recording and guide, crafted by a seasoned author and parent, Marian S. Taylor.


I am so happy that you have chosen to receive the gift bundle with resources to support you in teaching your child about the differences they see in the world.

As a parent, it can feel difficult to know how to respond to your child when they point out someone who looks or acts differently, or asks you a direct question about this.

I’d like to share what I have learned as a mother, grandmother and author of multiple children’s books and products. My passion is giving parents tools that allow them to connect with their little ones on a deeper level as they learn how to share their own heart in a way the child can understand.


Marian S. Taylor

There are two parts to the free gift bundle:

A read along story recording of my book – Where There is Love, We Are One

A downloadable guide for you to use with the book. This guide will support you in having conversations with your child about inclusion, and to deepen what you would like to share with them about this.

Here is your recording of Where There Is Love, We Are One:

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