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LOVE   ….   JOY   …… PEACE

Spirit challenges us to see the interconnectedness of all things … to be a part of a larger thought that allows us to be a part of every other living thing.  No matter what you call it, you can be assured that we are all one… One in the Spirit, as the song says…. When we consciously acknowledge Spirit and our oneness with the Divine we open doors to the interconnectedness with all beings as we strive to see Life from the ‘Observer’ perspective.This Spirit, this Divine Presence is the source of all Light and Life within and brings the reality of the Divine essence to our everyday experiences.

It is this interconnectedness with all life that I am seeking to acknowledge and share through a series of books.  My hope is that we can give young children an opportunity to access the Divine and begin to understand that Spirit is everywhere in everything.  We are one. We all share in the experience we call living and we are all interconnected by an unseen, but very real field of energy.

The series begins with “Coming Down, Looking Up” and progresses to “I AM With You All Ways”. Please take a moment to enjoy an excerpt from each book as you endeavor to “See Only Love”.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please join the conversation (BLOG) and know that this is a safe place to share your personal relationship with Spirit and how you have had the blessing of experiencing Spirit in your Life.

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